• Organic cotton scrunchie mixed two pack containing "Blent" and "Bluichtie Roch" scrunchies. Also available as individual scrunchies. Both are made using only organic cotton materials. The scrunchies are perfect for everyday wear and allows a firm hold on hair, allowing it to stay in your hair no matter the occasion.The Blent scrunchie features an original design which boasts a painterly gradient from a royal blue to a dusky baby blue with a hint of magenta at the seam closure. This design was originally hand painted which has allowed for a rich amount of brushstrokes and textures to be featured in the fabric. The scrunchie has been named "Blent" meaning "blended" in the Scot's dialect of Doric, which refers to the blended nature of the coloured gradient.The Bluichtie Roch scrunchie features an original design which was origionally created using collage, and allows for a rough yet effective design, which was inspired by the rough of Scottish horizons."Bluichtie Roch" translates to "Blueish Rough"in the Scot's dialect of Doric.

    Mixed Scrunchie Two Pack - Blent and Bluichtie Roch