• Stationery Bundle Containing:


    • 1 x Pint Pattren  A5  Weekly Planner 
    • 1 x Pint Pattren  A6 To Do List
    • 1 x Get Stuff Done A6 To Do List
    • 1 x Proctrastinating Are We ? Pencil
    • 1 x But First, Coffee Pencil
    • 1 x Make it Happen Pencil 
    • 1 x  Dream Big Pencil

    Abstract Stationery Bundle


    We choose to use recycled paper as it uses less energy, water, and produces lower carbon emissions than the manufacturing of non-recycled paper and at the same time reduces the amount of waste to landfill – as paper can be recycled 4 to 5 times.

    Our pencils are made using wood from sustained yield forests. This means that the wood used in the pencils is harvested at a rate that is in balance with, and does not exceed, the growth rate of the forest, allowing the forest to flourish.

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