Hi everyone!
I'm Hannah and I founded H Taylor Designs in 2020. I am a recent design graduate from Heriot-Watt University, specializing in printed textiles. I am originally  from Aberdeenshire,  however I am currently still based in the Scottish borders after graduating.


Aberdeenshire remains an endless source of inspiration for Me, constantly influencing designs. A childhood of getting out an about in nature has allowed me to have a rich knowledge of the land which I try to brings to my designs. I find that first hand inspiration is key to unique and successful designs, so I'm is no stranger to getting stuck in and getting on with it. 

I have a passion for texture.  I'm sure you can tell from looking at my designs! Digital print is the main method used in my designs as this allows textures to translate onto fabrics most effectively. I found a real love for this method  at uni when I completed an internship in digital print, and haven't looked back since. 


H Taylor Design was started as a way to share my love of the countryside with the world. I feel that the Aberdeenshire landscape has deeply shaped my design aesthetic. Even now whilst living in the Borders I find myself longing for the shire and its rugged lines.

Sustainablity was always an important factor for me when designing. My collection's across my university career heavily featured natural fabrics, specifically linens. The designs created whilst in my honours year at uni have now been brought to life in a series of products in keeping with sustainable and ethical practices to allow my rugged designs to look after the land which inspired them.

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